Data management

In order to store the mass of MRI data, a dedicated neuroimaging platform must be set up. When preparing its project, OFSEP chose Shanoir.


Shanoir is a neuroimaging platform that enables centralization of MRI data from patients in the cohort, while protecting confidentiality, in order to make them available to researchers with authorization from OFSEP. It enables (non-exhaustive list):

  • improved accessibility and data integrity;
  • structuring of data;
  • management of data sources;
  • easier collaboration between remote sites.

MRIs are prescribed as part of the patient's routine medical follow-up (see “MRI prescriptions”). They are conducted by radiologists and neuroradiologists according to the OFSEP recommended imaging protocol.

Twice a year, the data on the Shanoir platform are exported to the OFSEP National Coordination Center to compile the common imaging database.

MRIs transfer to Shanoir responds to specific instructions and above all to prioritization according to the characteristics of the patients.

To facilitate local monitoring of transfers and to respond to requests from the NCC in case of MRI identification problem, a monitoring file must be systematically completed by participating centers.

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