Description of the available MRI on the OFSEP’s database on 15 December 2021

On 15 December 2021, 26 centers have imported OFSEP’s MRI data on the Shanoir database. MRI were acquired by around 250 imaging centers, public and private.

The MRI’s protocol of 5,949 patients with different disease courses has been imported to the Shanoir-OFSEP database. Around 60% of patients had cerebral MRI at least two time point. Similarly, 45% of patients had multiple time points of spinal cord MRI.


Form at first MRI Patients number
RIS 64
CIS (McDO +/-) 1481
RRMS 3224
SPMS 621
PPMS 423


RIS: radiologically isolated syndromes, CIS: clinically isolated syndromes (CIS), RRMS: relapsing-remitting MS, SPMS: secondary progressive MS, PPMS: primary progressive MS, NMOSD: neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.


In total, more than 200,000 sequences (corresponding to more than 20,000 studies) are available, most of which are cerebral sequences. The cerebral and spinal cord sequences recommended by the OFSEP protocol are represented below.