Data management

In order to stock the mass of MRI data, a dedicated neuroimaging platform must be installed. When preparing its project, OFSEP chose Shanoir.

Shanoir and ShanoirUploader

Shanoir is a neuroimaging platform that enables centralization of MRI data from patients in the cohort, while protecting confidentiality, in order to make them available to researchers with authorization from OFSEP. It enables (non-exhaustive list):

  • improved accessibility and data integrity;
  • structuring of data;
  • management of data sources;
  • easier collaboration between remote sites;
  • sharing of acquisition resources.

The MRIs are prescribed as part of the patient's routine medical follow-up. They are conducted by radiologists and neuroradiologists according to the common OFSEP imaging protocol (minimal sequences) which guarantees both optimal quality for treatment (comparable examinations) and the harmonization necessary for the OFSEP project (see “MRI prescriptions”).

Twice a year, the data on the Shanoir platform are exported to the OFSEP National Coordination Center to compile the common imaging database.

ShanoirUploader is designed to facilitate the transmission of data to Shanoir. It can import data to Shanoir from CD, or communicate directly with a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). MRI transmission is asynchronous:

  1. MRI transfer with ShanoirUploader to the Shanoir platform;
  2. Finalization and validation of transmission to Shanoir.

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